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Book Review - A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Tea

Hello ChaTo Tea Friends, Hope you all had a safe and festive holiday season and a Happy New Year.

ChaTo recently began carrying certified Japanese Tea Instructor Per Oscar Brekell's latest book. It is a detailed look into the world of Japanese Tea.

Some of the topics discussed are:

Types of Tea

Regions of Tea

Regionality and topography adds to the flavor profiles of Tea

Distinct steeping styles/parameters for different types of Teas

Regional/cultivar differences necessitate different production methods

Water quality

Single Origin Teas


There was discussion on evaluation of the Tea about how Tea Refiners are actually quite influential with regards to how they control the Sencha they produce annually, blending and refining Aracha to get that perfect balance for the consumer, season after season. Another popular trend now is Single Estate Tea, where there would be no refining or blending, and you get the individual and regional characteristics of the Teas.

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