Our Japantown store is open Wednesday - Sunday from noon to 6pm; closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

At ChaTo, we strive to make your personal journey through Japanese tea uniquely enjoyable. We partner with small producers of premium Japanese loose leaf teas and matcha powders that our own family loves, and we hope you will, too.


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Jasmine Tea


Asatsuyu Fukumushi Sencha



Our exciting new
Mini Matcha Shaker really does a fantastic job of mixing Matcha with minimal clumping.  Shake shake shake.


The Family 


ChaTo is run by a family whose love for tea has been passed down through the generations. Their passion stems from fond childhood memories of drinking sencha with their grandmother. Recognizing the void for a brick and mortar Japanese tea shop in Japantown, they set out to make authentic, good quality products accessible to the community. They enlisted the help of one of their mothers, a business owner with more than four decades of experience with Japanese pottery, including tea ware. Since 2016, ChaTo has been providing Japanese tea brewing essentials for beginners, experts and everyone in between.


This kyusu is over 45 years old. Sachiko's grandmother used to make tea with it, and it's still used at the shop today. 


The Name

“Cha” means “tea” and “to” means “and” in Japanese. The family’s goal was to create an inviting atmosphere where guests could come in to relax, sample sips of tea, engage in conversation, pause at the indoor garden to listen to the sounds of running water and observe seasonal blooms, enjoy soothing music playing in the background, and take in the beauty or whimsy of the tea ware and gifts, depending on the mood. In other words, the ChaTo experience was designed to provide tea and more, to be a space to stir the senses and enable visitors to fill their cup from within.


Our Tea Selection

We partner with four companies located in renowned tea producing regions in Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Uji and Fukuoka. They supply our collection of benifuuki, genmaicha, gyokuro, houjicha, sencha, and matcha. In addition to our year-round offerings, we carry seasonal favorites such as Sakura Honoka and shincha (sencha) in the spring and Ohsumi Yuzu Fukamushi Sencha in the winter. 

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